Projects & Research

AUTISM is a main interest topic for me. I already conducted reseach on dynamic evaluation and intervention, joint attention abilities and neurocognitive functioning. I had the chance to work with great people like Oana Benga, Felicia Iftene or Nicolae Jurcau.

I would love to be able one day to conduct a study on the implementation of joint attention mechanisms in robots.

I want to finish and publish an intervention manual for parents of children with autism. Some parts have already been drafted together with my colleagues from Hans Spalinger Association Cluj.

I also want to finish my book David – beyond autism… It’s about a blind autistic child I had the chance to work with in Swizzerland, a child with an amazing and inspiring life story.

PSYCHOTERAPY is a new direction for me. I am now specialised in clinical psychology and I would like to further develop myself as a therapist. Yung once said – “Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you”. Interesting huh? So I said OK, this is my moment! :)

I started a new training program in Positive Psychoterapy together with Gabriela Hum. It’s very interesting so I will keep you updated, I promise!

AVIATION PSYCHOLOGY is a great field to work in. Aviation is fascinating in itself and having the chance to practice applied psychology here is amazing. I am a member of the European Association for Aviation Psychology and I worked so far on several very interesting projects together with Bianca Vartic (safety senior cabin attendant in Wizzair). Our work is focused on crew health, unrully passengers, inadvertent slide deployment and fatigue.

I also started a challenging research project regarding cross-understanding among air-crew together with professor Petre Curseu. I hope we will be able to complete the study soon.

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